ERA LIXIL Real Estate Shop Inheritance Consultation Salon

You can have a one-stop consultation on inheritance and real estate concerns.
This is a consulting service unique to LIXIL Realty, which has a nationwide network.

LIXIL Realty Outsourcing Services for Company Housing Management

We will take care of everything about company housing from arrangements to cancellation and settlement.

LIXIL Realty Owners Site

LIXIL Realty Owners Site

We will provide you with detailed information on the comprehensive management of rental properties at LIXIL Realty, increasing the value of rental properties, etc.
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Real Estate Brokerage Business

Real Estate Brokerage Business

We support selling and purchasing of real estate in accordance with customers' life plans through community-based sales activities.



LIXIL REALTY Corporation

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LIXIL REALTY is a group company of LIXIL.