Real Estate Brokerage Business

We consider your life plan and support the buying and selling of real estate in close relations with the local community.

In addition to buying and selling real estate, we also provide consultation on "inheritance."

Property proposal robot

Property proposal robot

If you register the desired conditions of the property you want to purchase, it is a service that automatically delivers fresh property information every day for a minimum of 24 hours from the start of sale. AI-based real estate risk assessment reports are also an indispensable tool for property selection.

Various data provided Selfin and Mansion Navi

Various data provided "Selfin" and "Mansion Navi"

Information that salesperson does not tell you ... it may be the most important piece of information. Our motto is to disclose 100% of the information we can know.

Price guarantee service at the time of sale Sumacho

Price guarantee service at the time of sale "Sumacho"

This is the first service in the industry to offer and guarantee the saleable price after five years when purchasing a second-hand condominium.
If you buy a second-hand condominium at LIXIL REALTY, you will receive a price guarantee when you sell it for free.

* This service is for second-hand condominiums in the Tokyo metropolitan area (one metropolitan area and three prefectures).

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