Construction and Renovation Business

As a group company of LIXIL, a comprehensive building materials manufacturer, we solve various problems related to customers' homes and provide more beautiful, convenient, and more comfortable renovation.

Construction and Renovation Business

We also manage a number of rental properties. Utilizing that know-how, we explain landroads that how we proceed constructions such as repair work for exteriors, rooftops, outer walls, outer corridors, balconies, etc., and also explain about what kind of designs tenants prefer to. We propose the optimum remodeling plans that suit our customers' requests and budgets.

Construction and Renovation Business



LIXIL REALTY Corporation

Sumitomo Fudosan UENO Bldg.8 2F,
6-9-3 Higashiueno,
Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-0015

LIXIL REALTY is a group company of LIXIL.