Renovation Business

LIXIL REALTY is involved in renovation of landlords of rental apartments and condominiums, as well as customers who are thinking to renovate their own homes

We will propose a home where you can actually see and touch the products in the LIXIL showroom and feel more "safety" and "comfort".

Proposing a new lifestyle unique to LIXIL through renovation.That is the "renovation" of LIXIL REALTY.

We promise your new lifestyle.

Renovation Business
Renovation Business


Renovation of rental apartment and condominiums

Our business deal with maintenance, remodeling, and restoration work for landlords of rental apartments and condominiums.
We are mainly involved in a wide range of renovation such as interior, exterior, floor plan change, and equipment replacement.


Renovation of detached houses and condominiums

We also deal with renovation of kitchens, baths, toilets, full renovation, and exterior work such as outer walls and roofs.
Our architectural professionals listen carefully to your requests and show you the products at the LIXIL showrooms for providing high quality and safety renovation to you.

Renovation of detached houses and condominiums


Construction example ①
-Room with walls customizable as you like-

A perforated board was attached to one side of the wall so that decorations and daily necessities could be freely displayed.
Most rental apartments don't allow tenants make holes on walls, but after this renovation, you can decorate the wall by hanging hooks on the perforated board, or you can even hang shelf on it!!
You can make a wall with more originality than accent wallpaper!

Construction example ① -Room with walls customizable as you like-

Construction example ②
-Love drawing!!-

Children who love drawing will make their eyes shine!
They can draw on a canvas larger than them!
Drawings by whitemarkers can be erased as the white cross is a whiteboad!
You can use it as a family communication board or write a scheduler !!
It's so big that even parents want to draw.

Construction example ② -Love drawing!!-

Construction example ③
-Colorful Room-

There are many rooms use accent wallpaper on only one wall.
But that's not enough! You can use accent cloth on all walls!
A room with colorful walls is impressive and gives you energy!
Something good things will happen every day spending time in such a room♪

Construction example ③ -Colorful Room-

Construction example ④
-Room with Stained Glass-

There are various types of stained glass, so you can choose a type that suits atmosphere of a room.
This time, we used light-colored stained glass to create a colorful atmosphere, and by combining blocks, we made it easier to match the interior.
By installing the glass on the partition wall like a transom, the atmotsphere of the room on the other side also can be changed.

Construction example ④ -Room with Stained Glass-

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